Disney: not so magical

I’ve always been a “back of the house” kind of person. I don’t really do plot or story or emotion, but show me cool technical production and I’m all over it. I have some fond memories of doing Disney as a kid- particularly getting to ride in the front of the monorail with the operator- but I gotta say that Disney isn’t in my top five list of destinations.

That said, I don’t mind watching considered content that I haven’t seen before. Certainly, Disney+ has a lot of that.

You know what they also have? Lousy customer support.

They sunset “legacy” plans. Fair enough, I suppose- except that supposedly you could stay on if you wanted.

No. Not even close.

They pulled the bait and switch on me and refused to fix it. The consequence? I’m arranging to consolidate accounts. So now instead of two or three accounts at $15/mo, they have one subscriber at $20/mo. I’ll take that math.

Dear Mr. Iger, you might wanna think harder about that.