2018 Law license reciprocity update

It’s been awhile since I blogged about the UBE and Kansas.  I was surprised that Kansas took an extra couple years to join, and even more surprised at the adoption in the northeast.  I had always assumed that jurisdictions such as California, Florida, Texas, and New York would maintain their own licensing regimes- but New York joined the UBE in July 2016.

As always, consult local rules.  NCBEX publishes a very useful guide about bar admissions, but I’m going to supplement it here with some reciprocity rules as I’ve found them on this date.  No guarantee this information is accurate or will be kept updated, folks!

I’ve got more than five years practice in Kansas now, so I’m looking at states in the general area I might consider joining.  Here we go:

State Applicable Rule(s) Active Practice Requirement
Missouri 8.10 5 of last 10 years
Iowa 31.12, 31.13* 5 of last 7 years
Nebraska § 3-119(B) 3 of last 5 years
Illinois 705 3 of last 5 years

*link to rules on a specific date!  Be careful with that one.