Security and Communication

Your privacy and security are paramount as a client.  My background is in technology, and I would like to lay out some guidelines for communication.  Bear in mind that sensitive details you share with me as a client or prospective client are protected by attorney-client privilege, so I am not allowed to divulge them without your direction.  However, you may wish to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure that someone outside of our relationship does not get ahold of your sensitive information.

  • My first choice for security and ease of communication is a face to face meeting.
  • Telephone conversations are protected by law and make it easy to have a good conversation.  From a security standpoint, they are probably safer than emails and texts.
  • Postal mail is cumbersome, relatively expensive, and slow, but it is reasonably secure, private, and in some cases it is necessary to exchange actual paper.
  • Email, texts, Facebook messages, and Twitter are convenient but are generally retained by their respective provider for many months (sometimes years).  They are also not protected by law in the same way that the mail and telephone systems are.  For these reasons, you should not use these media for very sensitive information.  They are, however, very useful for non-sensitive conversations such as setting up a face-to-face appointment.

Use of this site

This site is intended as a reference for my clients and prospective clients.  There is legal information on this site, but there is no guarantee that the information is current, accurate, or pertinent to your matter.  This site does not provide legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is formed by your use of this site.  In order for me to be your lawyer, you will need to contact me and arrange to meet.

Bear in mind that if you have a legal problem, there will often be deadlines and other timing considerations which you should evaluate as soon as possible, and you should seek legal advice specific to your situation.


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